This Diwali gift a Sun that never sets

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This Diwali we intend to light 2,000 homes across India with Solar lights. You may donate 2500 INR for LIGHTING 1 house in un-electrified village of India.

Villages of Jammu and Bihar situated near International Border, villages of Karnataka situated deep in the forest have never seen electricity in their history. As the sun sets, every family in those regions face challenges like cooking dinner while their sons & daughters struggle to study in dim candle light or kerosene lamps. Traveling in such difficult terrain is also a constant hardship people have to deal with at night.

In this festive season of “Diwali”, which symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, hope over despair, Sri Sri Rural Development Program (SSRDP) under the aegis of The Art of Living Foundation, is initiating a campaign “Light a Home – Gift a Sun that never sets”, will light up 2,000 households with Solar Lights in 20 villages across 3 States of India.

Estimated cost of lighting up a household is 2,500 INR. We, the SSRDP, are looking forward for your generous contribution, to light up as many households as possible.

Let us move ahead with one common aim, “Uplift life, gift a Home with a Light

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For any query :

Mr. Pratik Chande – (+91) 7972005568

For CSR, “Light A Home” campaign comes under “Rural Development Project” as per

“Section 135 and Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013”.

For an individual donor, we provide 80G certificate for tax exemption.

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