Solar Battery Charging Stations

During our multiple solar installations over a period of time, we have come across multiple challenges on the ground which could undo the project due to either geographic condition or the usage pattern of the user himself.
Understanding the need for uninterrupted and a continuous usage of the solar systems installed, we realized the need for the an entrepreneur model.
We designed a model where by the entrepreneur, who has a good constructed roof top and with access to direct sunlight without any shading would be willing to give away his roof top for installation of solar panels and he would be willing to setup the solar battery charging station.
Here the villagers would get their batteries to be charged at his charging station and the entrepreneur in turn shall maintain the solar system, charge the batteries and give it back to the owner of the battery for a particular fixed
‘per day battery charging fee’.
By doing so we have seen the proper usage of the battery charging station and employment generation. This has been quite a successful model and has been replicated all over the country in multiple states with over 30 locations totaling over 5KW system in capacity.

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