Solar Micro-Grid Project in Burdwan


Village Royal Ghutu and Jangalpara are two villages in West Bengal, where solar grids were installed under the Light A Home Project by SSRDP, with the support of The Cooper Foundation, Australia. Both villages fall under Icchapur Gram Panchayat, Durgapur Faridpur Block, Bardhamann District, West Bengal. The villages are half an hour’s drive from Durgapur City Center. These are picturesque villages inhabited by tribals, but they lack basic amenities like electricity, medical care. The ground water levels are low, and it is difficult to grow plants / crops there. The villagers earn their daily wages by breaking rocks, which ranges from Rs 60 – 120 per day. This is back breaking work, they say, but no other opportunity is available in the vicinity. They did not have electricity, till the solar grid was installed.

Solar micro-grids of …….. (Add Capacity) each, were installed in the villages, providing centralized electricity on the local level using the village distribution network fed with solar power systems. A solar micro grid is an energy efficient renewable energy option with negative environmental impact on off-grid rural communities. The grid provides two lights & one mobile charging point for each house.

The grids became operational on the 12th March 2014 & the Project was inaugurated by Gurudev on His visit to Andal on the 13th.

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