URJA – Solar Electrification

In addition we have distributed 2269 lights in West Bengal, 810 Lights in Assam, 706 Lights in Arunachal Pradesh, 645 Lights in Bihar, 800 lights in Maharashtra, 815 in Karnataka and 300 Lights in Odisha, 2000 lights in Nepal. In fact a lot over PAN India have already been distributed. Continuing this initiative, Sri Sri Rural Development Project (SSRDP) Trust has partnered with Schneider Electric India Foundation to electrify villages where there is no electricity from many years.



“The lights are a boon”, chattered Indira Bisra. A beautiful smile on her radiant face brightened under the light bulb of her otherwise dingy household. Indiraji’s next door neighbor, Sumita Tutu pointed out her child studying under a light bulb in their house. “The lights help our kids to study & make our work in the night easier. “- Indira Bisra and Sumita Tutu are both residents of Village Royal Ghutu, West Bengal.

“We tried to make packets for sale & opened a grocery shop with the help of Art of Living volunteers, but this had to stop because there were no street lights & we had only torches for light after dusk. Now we can start these activities again”- Kamli Hembrom

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